Kiln opening

Last saturday I opened the Kiln to the public for the first time ..

It was a great success!

Russian tea and chocolate cake was served..

David and Kathy Collen from the Essence of Tea made a special Russian Caravan blend for the occasion made  of Sun moon Lake,  Rock tea and Lapsang ...

 As far as big teapots go this was perfect!

Thank you to all my friends for helping out to make this a great event.

Thank you to Julia and all from the Leach pottery for being supportive. 
Thank you Joe and Michael for drumming people to, and helping out in the studio.
To Vicky for putting herself out, to my parents and to David and Kathy for making all the Tea!

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Jacob ross Bodilly a dit…

It was a great day, the only social event in Cornwall for ever.
Not to mention the pots and chocolate, thanks for having us mate.
Im now using my new Korean celadon teabowl for phuer an it rocks. It's a proper vessel, you could drink everything from it like a king. Holds just the right quantity, like for wine or champagne also.


I love champagne. Note to self: should start selling work for champagne only. aaaaah