The Glaze Mystery..

Porcelain Sui glaze Jar
When I first started working with ceramics I thought glazes were not interesting, being way too bold and fat, hiding the purity of form and the pulsating quality of the wet clay. 
For many years I turned to sculpture and thought ceramics too limiting as I felt the glazes stifled the form. 

Then seeing the ancient Raku bowls, the Sung and the Chosun Pots, I realised how mistaken I was! 
I then  tirelssly tryed to make glazes that could generate an emotional response. 
Ceramic surfaces, like fabric are limitless in their appeal.. 
I believe their very nature is somewhat 'mysterious' and can trigger wonder, and emotion.
 I believe pots can hold an 'essence' . 
glaze is like skin- the interface- the point of contact drawing the viewer in, inviting us to touch..

In this case a sensual milkyness, something soft that seems palpable, fluid, tender yet firm. 
The other day I sent a bowl to Taiwan for Stephane from the blog Teamasters.

The glaze was a duck egg white that has hints of blue to it,
 based on my reseach into the ancient White chinese glazes.
 I have been working on this glaze for five years.

I have now made this glaze even softer by calcinating the China clay I use in the glaze.
 I don't think I will change much to it now. Probably my finest glaze!

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Stephane a dit…

Quand j'ai montré ton bol à mon maitre de thé, la toute première chose qu'il m'a dit concerne l'émaille! Comme quoi maintenant même en Occident on trouve des céramistes qui savent reproduire l'émaille de la dynastie Sung!

Encore bravo et merci de ton travail et tes recherches. Le seul inconvénient, c'est qu'on n'arrive pas à les toucher par Internet, mais ton photographe fait un bon boulot (meilleur que moi) pour suggérer cette douceur au toucher.

Continue dans cette voie et tu convertiras de plus en plus de personnes!