This is an image my friend Philippe Zingle made a while back. He is the author of the now dormant yet famous blog -La Galette de The .

A mood is captured, something nostalgic yet very present.
It marks a very memorable Gong Fu cha we all enjoyed last summer.

Souvernirs, souvenirs......

Teajars, teajars, teajars...

Lately the studio has been filling up with pots, at such a pace that I keep needing more shelf space.

Why? well I teamed up with potter extraordinaire Russell Gibbs and we have been very productive.

Soon I hope to present to you some Cracking Jars for the very small to the rather large porcelain jars.

Either destined for storing tea or water.

Depuis quelques temps l'atelier se rempli a une vitesse incroyable ce qui me mets la pression pour tout finir et cuire.
Je compte d'ici quelques semaines vous presenter le fruit de ces six dernieres semaines de labeur.
Il y aura des jarres a the de toutes les tailles de la plus petite au plus grandes pour le stockage de l'eau.