A True Pu Ehr Lover...

Monday morning Blues..
Phone up this gallery, email this person, plan the coming weeks, pack pots..
Worked all week end and my mind wants to strike.

But the SHOW MUST go on. .
Time for a gykuro...

I so need an assistant..
one day..

Any one out there wants to be a potter?

A few images of some of the preliminary pots for Eden. You can watch a small video about the Eden Bakery click here

Quelques images des premières pièces pour le Eden Project Bakery Restaurant. The pots on the video are not ours but those of Don Hutson
Vous pouvez voire une petite video du concept de ce nouveau Restaurant/boulangerie/Eden Bakery cliquez ici

Ces photos sont les premiers tests. La totalité de la gamme comporte 11 pièces.