Michel Francois Kiln Opening Event

Saturday 21st September 2013 / 3pm to 5pm

On Saturday 21st September, West Cornwall based potter Michel Francois welcomes the public to another of his ever popular kiln opening events. Visitors will be first to enjoy the unique results of this firing and see his elegant porcelain emerge warm from the kiln.

This new collection of studio pottery showcases the luminous, translucent beauty of Celadon glaze, in subtle duck egg blues inspired by Korean and Japanese porcelain, imperial yellow, and milky white satin glazes inspired by the Sui and Tang dynasty.

Pieces range from bowls and serving dishes to wine cups and flower jugs alongside statement pieces such as tulip vases, fine jars and larger works.

This event will coincide with  the launch of the new range of contemporary porcelain designed by Francois’ for Espressini Artisan Coffee house, Falmouth.

 Michel has also recently co-designed and produced a new range of tableware for the Eden project and his work has been shown at galleries in Paris, London, Edinburgh and at the International Teabowl Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

Visitors to this free event are welcome between 3 and 5pm.
Chinese tea will be served and works are available for purchase, with prices ranging from £10 to £500.

For further information contact Michel Francois Porcelain, 
The Rural Workshops, Breage, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9NW  / 01736 448002