Embrace the Tiger - Return to Mountain..

This year of the iron tiger has for me so far been quite intence and powerfull.

Clear, calm.. one surrenders, harnessing the wave it provides us..

There is no space left for chaos and hesitation
Now is the time for action,
for making dreams one prepared for so long a Reality.

This year of the Iron Tiger May all your wishes come true inside and out.

This ink painting is by my friend the Master Caligrapher Tashi Mannox.

These are a few words Tashi worte about the Art of Caligraphy..

"Fundamental to me is the importance of a foundation in the discipline of a trained hand, which not only helps keep the scriptural traditions alive, but also gives the confidence to allow the creative freedom to emanate through the medium.

Ultimately for the calligrapher, the expression of freedom can be described as pure and sacred in origin of heart. When the viewer sees the creation, this can also awaken and connect to the ‘sacred’ within, which after all, is innate in all of us.

I believe as artists, whether talented in composing Music or the visual arts, we have a responsibility to communicate and inspire ease, to lift the heart and marvel in the limitless happy creative nature of mind."

Tea - The fountain of Youth.

And remember never very far from us is the Mountain (yes it is waiting for us in the Teacup)

5 commentaires:

Nicolas a dit…

These mountains remind me of the "chateaux Chatares" in France.

Michel a dit…

very close nicolas

This is le Pic saint Loup near Montpelier

Tava Tea a dit…

Really beautiful painting. I like your blog a lot.

Lelia a dit…

Beautiful and I am coming to Cornwall again sometime this year and will look for your tea shop. Where in Corwall is it?

Michel a dit…

Hello Lelia

This amazing tea shop is in Falmouth, It's not mine but my friends David and Kathy.

All the best